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"Mike - this is fantastic.  I can't wait to add it to my press kit.  Thank you for your detailed account of what's happening with my career."

Ryan Seacrest

“I must say, without fear of contradiction or change of mind, it is the FINEST piece of reportorial writing on me that I've ever read. Your style is beyond compare. And I don't mean to sound overly complimentary to the extent of being `sickening,’ but I truly mean it. Many thanks for taking the time and interest to write this excellent story on me.”

Wink Martindale
Afternoon Drive Personality
Music Of Your Life

“You didn't miss one piece. There was not one semi-colon out of place. There’s nothing misquoted or out of context. I'm amazed at the accuracy. This is not the usual from my experience. It’s the most accurate, in-context and complete piece I've ever personally participated in. Way to go.”   

Michael O'Shea 
Founder / CEO  
All Comedy Radio

“Thanks Mike - you made me look good. I’ve received terrific feedback on this and appreciate it. You are a champ.”

John McConnell
Senior VP/Programming
ABC Radio Networks

“Wow. Thank you very much - you're quite the words-craftsman. I was genuinely impressed. Great job.”

Alan Nathan
Midday Talent
Radio America

"What great work!!!!!!!! You are too nice.  What a terrific interview.  You made me look so important and I thank you very much."

Blair Garner
Overnight Personality
Premiere Radio Networks

“Great writing, Mike. It’s always fun working with a top pro like you. Thanks for taking the time to do the work.”

Bob Brinker
Financial Host
ABC Radio Networks

"Thank you for your wonderful piece [on ABC News Radio VP/GM Steve Jones]. As usual, you are able to bring out a unique side to each of your journalist subjects and make it seem like your readers are speaking to them! Thank you again for your excellent journalism.”

Jennifer Dargan
Goodman Media

“Wow - what a great piece. You wove together a lot of my rambling into coherent prose. And, what impressed me most, as someone who has read quite a bit of press profiling my radio or Internet operations, is that you got it all right. All the facts - everything. You’re a solid journalist and a real pro.”

Steve Jones
ABC News Radio

"You captured the exact nature of Tom Kent and the exact representation of our syndicated radio show. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given interviews over the years but can tell you how many of them came out 99% on the money - NONE. You really did your homework and it shows. Thank you for your attention to detail and for your flare away from the ordinary! You are obviously blessed with a love for what you do. It shows.”

Susan Price Thompson
Thompson Creative

"There've really only been a couple of articles on me over the years that I've enjoyed giving as much as I enjoyed reading.  Yours is one of them.  THANK YOU for the time and the kinds words."

Glenn Beck
Midday Personality
Premiere Radio Networks

“Thanks Mike. You are very meticulous and accurate.”

Bart Tessler
enior VP/Network News & Talk Programming

“I was blown away.  Your attention to detail was incredible.  You put me at ease  and pulled some stuff out of me I did not expect. You really know how to do this and I was very impressed.  It was an honor to do it.”

Phil Boyce
President,  Talk Radio Network Syndications
President of Programming,  TRN

“The piece was the most accurate look at me yet. Your interview was really terrific, thanks so much for being thorough.” 

Michael Smerconish
CBS Radio - Dial Global


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